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Counter Balance Lifting Beams

Counterbalance / Overhang Beams - Capacities up to 20 tonne & 6m reach / Offset

Counter balance lifting beams are ideal for positioning objects in inaccessible areas due to overhangs or obstructions.

8 tonne counterbalance beam

Counter Balance Lifting Beams / Overhang Lifting Beams Features

APP Lifting are leaders in the design and manufacture Counter Balance Lifting Beams which enable objects to be positioned under overhangs, protrusions or obstacles. They also allow loads to be positioned inside the minimum radius of Tower Cranes, Luffing Cranes, Overhead and Mobile Cranes. We carry an extensive range of equipment in our hire fleet that is of modular construction and can be tailored to provide a lifting solution to your problem. We are also able to produce a Counter Balance lifting and rigging plans and can design, plan and calculate a counterbalance lifting solution for your project.

Features / Benefits

  • Capacities up to 20 tonne with 6m reach
  • Available for hire from stock
  • Modular assembly allowing lifting configurations to be designed to your specific requirements.
  • Electric and remote control models available allowing the beam to remain horizontal at all times.
  • All beams supplied with full user instructions and beam specific load charts.

800Kg electric counter balance beam

800Kg Electric Counter Balance Lifting Beam working at Hinckley Point Nuclear Power Station fitting steel conduits into the reactor wall.

2 tonne counter balance beam2 tonne counter balance beam lifting wall panels under an overhang at 2m offset.

Modular counter balance beamCounter Balance Lifting Beam designed to lift wall panels shown positioning a unit under a scaffold overhang.

Counter Balance Lifting Beam used to lift and position a balcony under a 1m overhang on a building.

2.5 tonne mechanical counterbalance beam2.5 tonne Counter Balance Lifting Beam Designed to Lift Centrifuge Components outside the working area of the overhead crane. This beam features a moveable weight to keep the beam level in both the loaded and unloaded condition. 1 tonne countr balance beam - over hang beam1 tonne WLL overhang beam used to position components in a crane depot.

8 tonne overhang beams 2m reach Counter Balance Lifting Beam providing up to 8 tonne SWL at 2m offset from the crane hook. This beam is also capable of lifting between 3 and 8 tonnes by adjustment of the weight position on a rail.modular counter balance beam2 tonne Counter Balance Lifting Beam positioning form-work below concrete structural beams.