Grade 80 chain slings and components

Grade 80 Chain Slings

Chain sling components

Grade 80 Chain Sling Components

Chain Slings

Key Features

Grade 80, grade ‘T’ and stainless steel systems available.
Can be used at temperatures of between –40c and 200c without reduction in Safe working load
Safe working loads up to 67t
Wide range of end fittings
4:1 safety factor

Data sheets

Click the link to the Chain Load Chart below for an A4 size copy in PDF format.

Chain Sling Working Load Limit Chart

We supply other makes of chain systems and can repair, service and test all makes in our workshop.

Grade 80 4 leg chain sling

4 Leg Grade 80
Chain Sling

3 leg grade t chain sling
Chain sling working load limit chart