8 Tonne Multipoint Lifting Beam

8 Tonne x 10m span Multi-point lifting beam lifting rebar cages.

20 tonne multipoint lifting rig20 tonne x 12m span multipoint lifting beam with up to 5 telescopic beams underneath for lifting modular buildings.

Multipoint Lifting Beams

Multi-point lifting beams provide a versatile lifting solution to enable many different spans and no of lift points to safely lift and manipulate the load

We offer standard sizes ranging from 100Kg up to 200 tonnes capacity or designed and built to order. Up to 20m span.

60 tonne multipoint lifting beam 20 tonne x 12m span multipoint lifting beam

Key Features

Wide range of spans and loads.
Ideal for center of gravity compensation.
As low as 50mm increments of the lower rail for fine adjustments.
Bespoke design ability for your special project.
Can be supplied with all necessary shackles and rigging.

15 tonne x 20m multipoint lifting beam

Further Information

Contact our friendly sales team for expert advise and to discuss your project.

We can design, manufacture and supply all types of multi-point lifting beams or build to your specifications. We are able to repair, service and test all types of lifting beams at our state of the art workshop.

32 tonne multipoint lifting beam

32 tonne Multi-Point Lifting Beam

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20m span 15 tonne lifting beam

15 tonne x 20m Span Multipoint Lifting Beam

Multi-point load equalising beam